Charging pile network solution

2017-06-27 08:27:00
Summary :Charging pile network solution

World energy demand is rising and the increasing depletion of natural resources, proposes a new challenge to energy suppliers, industrial enterprises and consumers, as far as possible the use of energy in an efficient and sustainable way has become a pressing matter of the moment. The electric vehicle industry is ready to flourish in the new energy background, and the construction and management of charging pile, charging station and power station affect the development of the whole electric vehicle industry.

At present, different charging methods are using Ethernet as the core management network, the real-time and safety of CAN-bus has a strong advantage in the node control, charging control part adopts CAN-bus to complete communication.

ITEK can be developed by using iCANET-200T as the interface gateway between CAN bus and Ethernet to accomplish the construction of intelligent charging pile, charging station and power station communication network. ICANET-200T integrates 2 CAN interface and 1 Ethernet interface with TCP/IP protocol stack, the user use it can easily complete the interconnection of CAN-bus network and Ethernet network, the establishment of Ethernet and CAN-bus two layer network architecture, greatly expand the range of application of CAN-bus network.