CANBus Automotive electronic applications

2017-06-22 14:23:00
Summary :CANBus Automotive electronic applications

CAN bus is one of the widely used field buses in the world. It can control the vehicle itself. For the automotive industry, its real-time, flexibility, reliability and low cost have a larger market space. Such as engine management system, transmission controller, instrument and equipment, electronic trunk system, all embedded CAN bus control device.           With the continuous development of automobile electronic technology, the number of electronic control units on automobile increasing, connecting wires increased significantly, thus improving the reliability of control unit and reduce the cost of communication between wires has become an urgent problem to be solved. Therefore, the German BOSCH company, which is famous for R & D and production of automotive electronic products, developed the CAN bus protocol and made it an international standard (ISO11898). In 1989, Intel pioneered the development of the CAN bus protocol controller chip, as of now, the world already has more than 20 CAN bus controller chip microprocessor chip manufacturers, 110 kinds of CAN bus controller chip and integrated CAN bus controller. In North America and Western Europe, CAN protocol has become the automobile computer control system and embedded industrial control LAN standard bus, and with CAN as the underlying protocol designed for large trucks and heavy machinery vehicle design J1939 protocol. CAN bus technology in our country started late, but with the continuous progress of modern automotive electronics, its research and application is in full swing.